Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Story of Everything

We're in the midst of a great 6-week teaching series at Community Christian Church...The Story of Everything. This series explores the foundations of Christianity and discusses "what we believe" including the topics: God, Sin, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Church, Eternity. I was asked to create a series of Calligraphy pieces to coincide with the teaching. There is a short description for each piece which follows the Story/chapter for the series. Here goes...

Chapter One: God.
The story begins with the main character ELOHIM moving within the plot of creation. This Hebrew name for God signifies omnipotent power and the plurality of persons in the Godhead: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. All three in one were at work, all three in one "so loved the world" before, during and after creation. The action of the story, an amazing love, compelled them to proceed. In this chapter the Word, the truth, the light is unveiled and woven into the fabric of creation.

Chapter Two: Sin.
Man's terminal condition on the earth was sin. His sinful nature is tethered in bondage to the earthly realm and there are no exceptions, "all have sinned". But...God changed the trajectory of this story when He revealed His love through the incarnated character, Christ the Savior. Love triumphs as the blood of Christ is brutally shed for man.

Chapter Three: Jesus
There was so much action in Chapter two that time must be spent unpacking the mystery and fullness of this sacrificial event. This character Jesus is called the Son of Man...He is the only begotten son of the Most High. Let there be no mistake. The Son of Man is depicted here with a coat of many colors...He is too amazing to describe in words...He is the light and as the light He is a spectrum of all colors good and true. Out of this true light, empowered by love, emerges the action of incarnation...His union with our human world. His love drove Him toward a cross where death and resurrection provided the atonement to reunite man with God. His love continues to press into time as we shall all be restored...all made new.
Chapter Four: The Spirit
Just when we think the story has ended and Jesus leaves this earth to be at the Father's side, a new unexpected plot twist energizes man as he receives Christ's presence within as the Holy Spirit descends like tongues of fire. Explosive power. Explosive power within each man who believes. Man becomes a new character, with a new heart and the Spirit within to begin a new life, abiding in Christ. This Spirit of power and love and joy and peace and wisdom cannot be confined but spills out into this world as we seek to do His will.

Chapter Five: The Church.
Our next chapter unveils God's plot to seek a bride. The bride of Christ is introduced as a character of characters. Every beloved, individual man with unique design and gifts is united with another and with another. Each man becomes part of a whole, beautiful design called the church. God's dream of His relationship with man has taken a new shape. He exhibits patience in this relationship as He is not willing to let any be lost. The church will continue to grow in depth and beauty until He says it is finished. This beautiful being is sent out into the world on a daily basis to minister to the be His hands on this earth until the day approaches.

Chapter Six: Never Ending Story
Oh Glory...the wedding bells chime as the bride emerges into the embrace of the most magnificent Husband. Who could have guessed the ending to this story was just the beginning...a new beginning with a new heaven, a new earth. Glory emerging! The beginning and the end has a name...He is the Alpha and the Omega. Glory, Glory Glory! There are no longer human words or images to describe the vision...just Glory forever and ever, Glory!


pam h said...

Kathy! Thanks for posting these! I was looking and walking and talking on Sunday and I felt rushed, so I'm so happy to be taking them in again. You are so talented! Beautiful art!

anniekk said...

I, like Pam, was walking and talking and looking.. I am so glad, I can look at your lovely art at my leisure.

anniekk said...

I, like, Pam was walking and talking and looking, I am so glad to be able to look at your lovely art at my leisure! You are truly talented

Eunice said...

This are soooo beautiful Kathy!!!
God has given you such a gift,and I am sure He would of had you work on the tabernacle:)